Document Management and Workflow

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What is RWS:
A document management software available as SaaS (Software as a Service).
It’s configurable according to the customer's document needs, the archive dimensions and necessary functionalities.


  • Document Capture distributed
  • Digital Archive;
  • Ad-Hoc and Process based Workflow;
  • Email inbox monitoring and automatic integration;
  • Customizable and free text searches;
  • Documents creation through customizable templates;
  • Physical document input/output registration;
  • Document classification Plans to classify documents;
  • Mobile Capture;
  • Customizable Reporting Dashboards.


The implementation of a document management system will allow the elimination of errors in business processes, the misplacement of documents poorly classified or achieved and in a huge efficiency due to time savings.

With the RWS solution, your organization will benefit from more efficiency, availability, safety, and hence a greater cost reduction.

  • It provides a secure gateway as a service to the digital document archive, enabling document management tools;
  • No need of investment and management of a technologique infrastructure;
  • EAD is responsible by the maintenance and technological upgrades;
  • Possibility of integration with customer systems;
  • Use of technology platform for managing business processes (workflow);
  • Portal customization according to customer's particular needs.


The RWS is a document management solution developed by EAD for the needs of SMEs but also large companies in banking, insurance, education, telecommunications, health, public administration and others.
Ideal for organizations that want a simple, economical, easy to use and implement that can evolve according to the needs of their business, based on a competitive licenses model in order to take full advantage, without upfront investment, no annual maintenance costs and can even integrate the various areas of your organization, such as: financial, commercial, human resources, quality, legal and others.
The RWS lets you associate documents in digital format to the processes of your organization, being independent of the ERP's in use, which allows any employee duly authenticated , ensuring access control and desired security levels, access to documents or even documents approval associated with standard or custom workflows.
Now with RWS you can extend the functionality of your ERP with document approval flows, defining cycles of approval by the criteria that best fit your organization. The RWS allows you to approve or reject documents from any location or device, and refer to the document of the status and all approvals held, having a notifications system.